Thank You, Pope Benedict


And with that, I can finally end my attempts at keeping this blog alive. It’s far too difficult and I’ve lost interest in the Church anyway. Even though I will be watching the conclave very very closely.


Farewell readers!


5 Responses to “Thank You, Pope Benedict”

  1. Cyril Says:

    Noooo….why would you lose interest in the Church? 😦

    • C. Whitty Says:

      Because despite the beauty on the outside, there is much, much decay within. It is all a power play among priests, as well as lofty lay people. There are much better ways of looking at reality besides confining yourself inside the box of medieval Western thought.

  2. Fr. Larry Says:

    The human side of the Church maybe full of warts but She is also the spotless Bride of Christ and the sure path to salvation and eternal life.

    • C. Whitty Says:

      Father Larry, honestly I wish I could believe that. Maybe deep down I still do. But the time has come for me to leave her. Pray for my soul and my faith, that will be most welcome.

  3. susan Says:

    You are in a VERY dangerous place and allowing satan access into your soul. Think again my friend; and think better….

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