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Thank You, Pope Benedict

February 14, 2013


And with that, I can finally end my attempts at keeping this blog alive. It’s far too difficult and I’ve lost interest in the Church anyway. Even though I will be watching the conclave very very closely.


Farewell readers!


Bl. John Paul II, Pray For Us!

May 1, 2011

What a happy day in Christendom! But let us remember a beatification isn’t about the man, but about what God perfected in the man.

Bless Him

April 19, 2010

Pope Benedict was in Malta and he fell asleep. Well we love him!

Ad Multos Annos, Sancte Pater

April 16, 2010

Also it’s the Holy Father’s 83rd birthday today.

From the Vatican, Palm Sunday 2010

March 30, 2010

It is always remarkable to witness the activities of the Pontiff especially during Holy Week and the Sacred Triduum.

Photos found at NLM:

Sorry blogging has been light. Blogging must come second to living. I’m helping my mother prepare for full communion with the Church this Easter. Pray for her!

Rejoice Jerusalem

March 14, 2010

Laetare Jerusalem: et conventum facite, omnes qui diligitis eam: gaudete cum laetitia, qui in tristitia fuisstis: ut exsultetis, et satiemini ab uberibus consolationis vestrae

Interesting Threads!

January 8, 2010

A clip of our Holy Father Benedict XVI, then Cardinal Ratzinger, receiving an honorary doctorate in theology from the University of Navarre:

The Ubiquitous Msgr. Ganswein

January 1, 2010

Where the Pope is, he is:


December 26, 2009

I don’t want to talk about what happened at the beginning of the Pope’s 10pm Midnight Mass this year. I won’t mention how disturbing and horrifying it is to see the Supreme Pontiff fall to the ground in the Vatican Basilica. I won’t try to express the worry and upset at thinking that the Successor of Peter is so exposed to potential danger in just fulfilling his duties! And I know that the woman, Susanna Maiolo, is “unbalanced”, but seriously…..

Nobody messes with MY Pope!

The Camauro

December 25, 2009

Much like Ebenezer Scrooge, CEC works on Christmas Eve! Well actually this is an automated post because I am most likely sleeping in today. A Merry Christmas to you all! Now, on to today’s germane post:

The camauro, in use by the popes since the 12th century, and revived from recent disuse by Pope Benedict XVI.