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RIP Catholic Eye Candy

February 23, 2018

Attention. I am momentarily resurrecting this blog to notify you that this blog is dead.

This was a very fun and rewarding project which started almost 10 years ago. However as many people know I am now an apostate, and a proud enemy to the Church. I will keep this site up as a credit to the work I put into it, but I in no way whatsoever endorse its message. 

Feel free to enjoy my current work at my new page:
BoF Square

Cult Pervades Culture

May 10, 2010

I was thinking of all of you today when I was watching a favorite film of mine, “Les Folies des Grandeurs”. This scene came up and I thought of how much you all enjoyed being shocked by the Nazarenos. The plot is a comedy of errors that takes place in 17th century Spain, with a hilarious script written in fast-paced French with quick blurbs and jumbles of almost Macaronic Spanish and German.

Roll Out the Red Carpet!

April 16, 2010

It is an honor to think we’ve been nominated again for this year’s most coveted online award, the Cannonball Catholic Blog Awards. It’s always fun to see what blogs are popular reading especially the new ones. It’s been a long year full of hard work on the site, making sure we have quality as well as quantity–and you are no easy crowd to please! It’s an amazing honor that anyone reads this simple blog at all, and I do it as a small labor of love which seeks no award. Still the “contest” is all in good fun and really I imagine it’s a celebration of all Catholic bloggery and a light-hearted way to look at the phenomenon of the so-called Catholic “blogosphere”–a unique medium that is changing and growing rapidly.

If we win, we’ll be sure to put the trophy next to our other various awards and prizes (below). I mean, I’ll try to make room for it somewhere.

Pictured: The reliquary treasury of St. Paul Outside the Walls (NOT my personal trophy room)