Pure Ugliness

Hello again! It’s been a while hasn’t it?

You’ve got to see what the Diocese of St. Petersburg FL has in store for its new cathedral. A complete joke, really really ugly. You can follow the link and view it in hi res but if you have a delicate stomach, you’ve been warned.

UPDATE: You can view the construction process live from this web feed. Pray a rosary for the diocese while you do.

UPDATE: The Flickr image was reposted because of some HILARIOUS comments that were being made about the design. Feel free to go to the updated link and let your inner (charitable) “troll” loose.

POLL (Even though I dont think people read this blog at all anymore):

Domini Cani Conditum MMVII, Vivet Iam Et Permanet!


5 Responses to “Pure Ugliness”

  1. Patrick Puckett Says:

    What’s the name of the architectural style–“New Shopping Mall?”

  2. Jean Says:

    I don’t even think a full novena can help this design!!!!

  3. Arthur Iglesias Says:

    Ugly as hell.

    Looks like a 90s shopping mall sans the faux marbled green tiling and serif fonts on signs. The crucifix is sidelined; what does that say about the importance of that holy event?

    The cupola/ring thing just looks too low for such a structure, and they have ridiculously small windows which could lead to an increase in their electricity bill if they have to illuminate everything.

    What a waste of money on an ugly design.

  4. Han Says:

    At least the stage has lots of room for the liturgical dancers. But why would they stick it right in front of, and on the same level as the Sanctuary?

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