Friends, This is How It’s Done

From the amazing Solemn Pontifical Mass which occurred last week in Washington DC, Bp. Slattery enters into the presbyterium prior to vesting. A cappa magna in action! What a glorious age the Church is entering into!

H/T to Fr. G


4 Responses to “Friends, This is How It’s Done”

  1. Joe Heschmeyer Says:

    Yeah, I was there. It was a amazing. I’d never seen the cappa magna before, and mistook the bishop for Cardinal Baum because hey, I know what color cardinal is.

  2. Calvin Says:

    Actually how long is the cappa magna?

    • C. Whitty Says:

      As long as the distance from the east to the west.

      • Calvin Says:

        Have you ever heard the “Confraternity of the Train Bearer”?
        I am wondering if this confraternity actually existed though I have learnt about it from a book.
        Its chairman is the train-bearer of His Holiness.
        Have you ever heard of the Cappa Magna of the Pope?

        Hail good old days!

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