Cathedra of St. Sophia Cathedral

It is a shame we must be separated from the Greek Orthodox church, their liturgy is steeped in tradition and in general untouched by the ills of modernity.

From Cathedrals of California:


2 Responses to “Cathedra of St. Sophia Cathedral”

  1. Cesar Says:

    The Stained Glass is not traditional…

  2. Dave Says:

    If there is a Melkite Catholic church in your area I pray you visit it. We enjoy being fully Orthodox in our belief while being in communion with Rome. Vatican II allowed the Melkites to fully embrace their traditional Byzantine rite, and in the following years many ‘de-latinizations’ have taken place (an unfortunate term, I’ll grant).

    A visit to your local Melkite parish will give you a wonderful exposure to the Divine Liturgy, and still allow you to take full participation in the Eucharist.

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