Holy Week is soon to come. Do penance. Avoid sin. Do not relax on your Lenten sacrifices.

The Nazarenos


9 Responses to ““Penitenziagite””

  1. The Anchoress | A First Things Blog Says:

    […] This is not what you think. See here […]

  2. Brian C Says:

    God Bless U.S.

  3. The Papal butchers that killed true Christians « News that matters Says:

    […] One: […]

  4. Mary Ford Says:

    Hummmm. Looks like a fancy KKK group in the US.

  5. fat yank Says:

    a load of silly humans in fancy dress

  6. A Watcher Says:

    Looks like the KKK. Now we know who really started the Klan in America. They do have pointier hoods but very stylish sheets!

    It is the multicolored Katholic Knights of the Ku Klux Klan!

  7. alice Says:

    looks demonic to me..oh, it is demonic! These men knew they were in the wrong, that’s why they hid their faces. They can’t hide from God, the real God…not that so called God wanna be..the POPE! o think, they are still praising the murders that took place all those years ago.The RCC is and will always be a hoax of faith. Such a shame, for all those millions of believers, who are headed right to hell with these men. Praying to mary, or anyother dead person, saint..isn’t going to do you any good, only the true LIVING Jesus..is the way, the truth and the light.By repeating prayers over and over again, however how many times you say them “rosary’, it’s no good, falls on deaf ear., repeatitive praying isn’t what we are told to do, or how we are told to pray! This is so obvious a false teaching, it’s the devils work..and his alone.

  8. mama bear Says:

    Scripture tells us of these cults and G-d warns..NO ONE will have an excuse. the churches , many do not preach the truth and want a big money draw and think a big building will thousands of peope mean G-d is blessing them..wrong !! a hot tub conterfit christiany and times almost up .

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