Models of Modesty

There is no greater human sight than to see Woman robed with purity, modesty and grace. Nothing is more beautiful in my eyes than a woman who loves God and wants to please Him. The spirit of this world demands that she cast her virginity aside, and sacrifice it on an altar built up by the lust of mankind. But nothing is more appealing than the woman who refuses to disobey God, no matter what the World says.


4 Responses to “Models of Modesty”

  1. elleblue Says:

    I love this picture. This is about women reclaiming our feminity and our true relationship with Christ.

    It’s also a visable sign of who we are in the Church!

    Thank You!

    • C. Whitty Says:

      Absolutely. Knowing women who know about true femininity helps me to know the truth about my own masculinity. Without woman, being a man means very little. Wishing women would dress modestly isn’t misogyny, its philogyny.

  2. Ryan Haber Says:

    It just occurred to me. All those people who felt mantillas, veils, and hats for ladies in church were oppressive… I wonder if they ever felt Jewish men were oppressed for wearing yarmulkes?

    • C. Whitty Says:

      Some people will find any excuse to make themselves into victims. The tradition of wearing the veil, though certainly ancient and even paleo-Christian, is Biblical and Ecclesiological.
      Wives should submit to their husbands. Husbands should love their wives as Christ loves the Church. This isn’t oppressive! The husband is the head of the family. Christ is the head of the Church. And how did Christ achieve this headship? By throwing down his life in a supreme act of self-forgetfulness paid in His own blood! So a husband is not a domineering guardian for his submissive wife. He is…well he ought to be one who gives himself completely for the Other.
      The mantilla is her reminder that Christ is her loving spouse. Isn’t it beautiful.

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