Something to Ponder:

Ratzinger said it, not me:

“Not every valid council in the history of the Church has been a fruitful one; in the last analysis, may of them have been a waste of time.  Despite all the good to be found in the texts it produced, the last word about the historical value of Vatican Council II has yet to be spoken.” –Ratzinger, Joseph. Principles of Catholic Theology: building Stones for a Fundamental Theology. San Francisco: Ignatius Press, 1987, p. 378.

Thanks to Fr Z


2 Responses to “Something to Ponder:”

  1. Carol Says:

    It’s a good thing neither you nor Fr. Z are Catholic, or I’d have to ask you why you hate the Church.

    • C. Whitty Says:

      Thank you for the comment. In keeping with my zeal for Christian charity, I won’t mention the fact that neither I nor Father Z wrote what this post contains. I won’t mention the fact that the author of that text is the man who is currently the Pope–that is to say, the Pope of the CATHOLIC Church.
      But go ahead and ask your question. All I can say is that I love the Church and do not hate it. However I am a bit confused! Could it be that you yourself cling so tightly to what you perceive the teachings of the Vatican Council to be, that you think there is no room for even a Pope to make judgment against it? If so, I think I should be the one asking you: Why do you hate the Church? I have to ask since you seem to take offence at the intellect of the Successor of Peter.

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