New Papal Ferula

Brought to our attention by the NLM, Pope Benedict will now be using a new staff, the so-called ferula (seen below), which was given to him by the Circolo San Pietro.

The new staff:

 The old staff (and the old pallium too!):

An older papal tradition to note, the tri-beam cross:

Update: Fr G. has posted a great pic of the new cross in action today at the Holy Father’s celebration of First Vespers of Advent today in Rome:



2 Responses to “New Papal Ferula”

  1. Jonathan Knox Says:

    Is that the same mitre and cope he wore for last year’s First Vespers of Advent? I love the mitre. The new ferula isn’t as nice as the Pius IX version, but as noted elsewhere, it does seem lighter… and the symbolism is very nice!

  2. Fr. Larry Says:

    I love your website. I have put a link to it on my homily website– — You can also check out my other webiste, Ubi Petru, Ibi Ecclesia (random Thoughts and Catholic Apologetics of a Servant of Jesus the Christ, Son of God) at —– If you like visual Catholicism, I have found a website called “Holy Cards For Your Inspiration.” You can find a link to it on my homily website.

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