Quaeritur: When Does Lent End and Easter Begin?

The precise moment: the Gloria at the Easter Vigil. The bells are rung, the church is illuminated, sacred images are uncovered. The darkness of Christ’s tomb is wiped away with the rising dawn of Easter Sunday.  The darkness of death is wiped away by His Resurrection.

Watch these exceptional examples:


3 Responses to “Quaeritur: When Does Lent End and Easter Begin?”

  1. D. Darmanin Says:

    Glória in excélsis Deo, et in terra pax homínibus bonae voluntátis!

    I got chills watching these videos…especially the first two. It reminds me of my first Easter Vigil attendance…I was one of the lectors and didn’t know anything about the structure of the vigil liturgy. The church was completely dark and all of a sudden…the organ sounds triumphantly, the lights go on, and i am so filled with the Holy Spirit!

  2. Chris Berke Says:

    That first video is at St. Alphonsus Church in Baltimore, MD – I used to be the organist there many years ago. It is a fantastic church. Known as “Baltimore’s Powerhouse of Prayer” for many years – St. John Neumann and Blessed John Seelos were both Pastors there.

  3. Chris Berke Says:

    Also – you might want to investigate this: for a number of years I have noticed that at St. Peter’s Basilica they turn the lights on at the Exultet instead of waiting until the Gloria – the organ is silent until the Gloria and there is a big organ fanfare after the Holy Father intones the Gloria but the “light” thing puzzles me.

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