Local Treasure: Mary, New Eve and Star of the Sea

This past Thursday, Bishop Wenski of Orlando came to our seminary, St John Vianney in Miami to dedicate a new mosaic for our chapel garden. Along with the new mosaic being dedicated, the seminary was consecrated to Our Lady, New Eve and Star of the Sea.

The artist, Peter Dion, seminarian for the diocese of Orlando, works on his piece:

Bishop Wenski presides at Solemn Vespers:

The congregation moves outside and Bp. Wenski blesses the new mosaic:


One Response to “Local Treasure: Mary, New Eve and Star of the Sea”

  1. Michelle Jarvis Says:

    Hi.. My name is Michelle Jarvis..I am the artist who met Peter Dione at Our Saviours Catholic Church in Cocoa Beach, Florida..I had been designing and creating the mosaics on the Pillars for the grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes over the coarse of several years..When I met Peter he asked me if I would do some mosaics at the seminary.. I was hired to do the mosaics after a Divine Mercy Miracle that Peter and I experienced together.. The Holy Spirit must always get credit for His work.. and he was working hard for Peter and I.. I worked on the mosaics for the star of the Sea for an entire year by myself.. I am a single parent with 3 wonderful kids.. I delivered and put up the mosaics with the help of Mark Hall, Peter, and 3 workers.. Father Carruthers has been over seeing the project and is a very talented person also.. For future work I can be reached at (321) 794-4078. I thought I’d mention that I had told Peter about your web sight and how much I have enjoyed it over the last few months..especially the incorruptables..the three Saints that have been instamental in the project, St John Vianney (where the mosaic was hung, and Mass was celebrated in his honor with the new seminarians on the date the mosaic was delivered this Aug), St. Bernadete in the mosaic grotto..and St. John Bosco, who inspired the grotto Pillars depicting the mysteries of the rosary. Thank You for EYE Candy Catholic and my God continue to Bless all the new future Priests at St. John Vianneys

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