Rare Find: The Sanctus Candle

The rubrics, at least for the extraordinary form of Mass, give the option for the lighting of the Sanctus candle. Lit from the Sanctus until the priest’s communion, it is a special sign of the Real Presence of Christ in the consecration that is about to take place. Unfortunately, the practice is hard to come by, even in Rome. But I swear, every time I spot one I feel like the Croc Hunter whenever he finds some rare iguana or something–“Crikey look at that! What a beaauuuuty!”

A few examples from around the world (with a little help from me if you can’t spot the thing!)

Stockholm, Sweden:

St. John Cantius, Chicago:

Ss Trinita dei Pellegrini, Rome:


3 Responses to “Rare Find: The Sanctus Candle”

  1. Regina Says:

    Oh, I have never seen one of these- how beautiful!

  2. 50th Anniversary « Catholic Eye Candy Says:

    […] Torchbearers process in at the Sanctus: […]

  3. Marietta Says:

    In the Philippines when I was growing up (pre-Vatican II), there was a Sanctus candle at every Mass.
    The candle remained lit until after the Communion of the faithful. Two altar boys usually assisted at the communion rail – one carrying the candle, standing on one side of the priest and the other sacristan holding the paten under the communicant’s chin. If there was only one altar boy assisting, he held both the paten and the candle.
    It was a beautiful experience receiving the Lord that way.

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