Gabriel Loire

Gabriel Loire, 20th century stained glass master and painter from Chartres, has literally covered our seminary with art. His works can be found all over the Western Hemisphere. (None of these are from the seminary):


8 Responses to “Gabriel Loire”

  1. Tish Says:

    Fabulous! Thanks for heeding the poll. Where are these wonderful Loire windows?

  2. Diana Says:

    Wow. Where are these from?

  3. C. Whitty Says:

    The spiral window is from the Thanksgiving Chapel in Dallas, TX. The Joan of Arc window is in Xertigny, France. The triptych window is Salisbury Cathedral and the spiral staircase is his masterwork “Symphonic Sculpture”, located at Hakone Open-Air Museum in Japan. Some of his greatest works were commissions to restore churches destroyed during WWII.

  4. Walter Schilling Says:

    I hold a piece form Gabriel Loire’s work of 1966 signed.

  5. 50th Anniversary « Catholic Eye Candy Says:

    […] A mural in our chapel, by Gabriel Loire: […]

  6. Gary Moses Says:

    I’m in the process of getting a little known church in Spokane, Washington promoted due to both the amazing architecture and the inclusion of some of the best examples of French stained glass artist Gabriel Loire. The church really needs to be visited to get the full affect. I have a personal attachment to St. Charles since I was attending school there when the church was built. An amazing structure.

    This is the prototype website which hopefully will be moved to the main St. Charles site soon.

  7. Fiona Says:

    Thanks Gary for posting this, St Charles glass is truely wonderful.

  8. Liv Valmestad Says:

    I am working on a project documenting the public art at the University of Manitoba. We have a mosaic by Loire done in Venetian enamel. I had no idea he was such a world-renown glass-artist. Thanks for enlightening me!

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