Seminarian Convocation

Please remember Dan and I as we spend the next three days at the Diocese of St. Petersburg annual Seminarian Convocation, and time for all 32 of us to spend in prayer and fellowship before the school year starts up again.

There’ll be some time for leisure reading:

A bit of music:


(And just FYI, that is Mater Ecclesiae playing against Gregorianum in the 2007 Clericus Cup, this year while some of us were in Rome the North Americans lost to Redemptoris Mater. Oh well, next year men!)

And of course the annual Seminarian Softball Game, and it looks like Papa Ben is betting on Philosophy this year:

(Thanks Fr. G)

And of course, please remember Dan who is going to seminary a few weeks before the returning guys. Dan and the other new men all around Florida will be going to SJVCS for the orientation program, which is going to be intensive and really really fun. We are all very excited for Dan and proud that he is answering the call to serve.


3 Responses to “Seminarian Convocation”

  1. homeschoolofthree Says:

    Love your site, the seminarian pics are so good. I especially love Papa’s pic!

  2. Tom Pringle Says:

    We could take pictures like this!!

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