Based on our incoming searches and the number of times certain entries are viewed, I would say that posts about liturgical vestments are most popular. And since the “customer is always right”, let us know what you like with the following poll.


3 Responses to “Poll!”

  1. Diana Says:

    You should have made “All of the above” a choice! they all sound so fascinating, and you all are doing such a great job in teaching us about these things. Thank you!

  2. Aristides Says:

    Architecture for certain.
    Thank you for the add. Your blog is quite pleasing to the eye (something mine cannot claim at the moment). We’re planning a redesign, hopefully with a website that is more accommodating than wordpress, and will be certain to work you into the new blogroll.

    Pax Domini
    Veritatis Praeco

  3. C. Whitty Says:

    My only qualm with architecture is that other blogs seem to have the upper hand there, namely NLM!

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