Il Prete Rosso

On this day in 1741, composer Antonio Vivaldi died. He began studying for the priesthood at 15, and was ordained priest in 1703. Unfortunately due to his bad health, he was forced to step down from active ministry, but remained faithful to his vows until the day he died.

Some of his works:

And of course everyone knows this one:


3 Responses to “Il Prete Rosso”

  1. darmanin Says:

    The Brandenburg Concerto’s can kick The Four Seasons but any day! RIP J.S. Bach…March 31, 1685 to July 28, 1750.

    Two great composers lost on the same day, 9 years apart!

    • cathcandy Says:

      Bach was a follower of the Apostate Luther. Vivaldi was a priest of Jesus Christ. Ah, we shall never agree, even after all these years.

      • darmanin Says:

        This may be true. You like Jean-Baptiste Lully (Catholic)…I like Bach (Lutheran). You are fascinated by the French Monarchy/history (Catholic) and I the British Monarchy/history. (Church of England)

        Though we may never see eye to eye in this matter (even after all these years), we will always share the same passion for Christ and His Church!

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