Out of the Depths I Cry to You…

“While the catacombs depict the eloquent features of Christian life in the first centuries, they are also a perennial school of faith, hope and charity.
Walking through their tunnels, we breathe an evocative and moving atmosphere. Our gaze pauses on the innumerable series of tombs and on the simplicity they have in common. On the tombs we read the baptismal names of the deceased. As we run through those names, we seem to hear as many voices answering an eschatological call, and we remember the words of Lactantius: “There are neither servants nor masters among us; there is no reason for us to call ourselves brothers, except that we consider ourselves all equals”
–John Paul II, 16 January 1998 address to the staff of the Pontifical Commission for Sacred Archaeology

Some images from my recent trip to Rome:


2 Responses to “Out of the Depths I Cry to You…”

  1. Gail F Says:

    What is that? Why are the bones all arranged like that???

    • cathcandy Says:

      The bottom three photos are from the Capuchin cemetery in Rome. At the base of each chamber in the catacomb is a floor of soil from Jerusalem. When they die, the brothers are buried in that soil for a time, so that they may all have the honor of being buried in holy earth. When the next brother dies, the body that has been there longest is dug up and placed elsewhere in the crypt. Well, over the centuries the bodies just kept piling up and piling up, and one day someone got creative and decided to redecorate the place.

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