Christ Our Light

The origin of the pascal candle is lost to far antiquity. Ss. Jerome and Augustine both refer to carmina cerei, “songs of the candle”, in reference to the blessings of the candle at the Easter Vigil. By the 8th century, the custom in Rome was to inscribe the date on each year’s Paschal Candle.


One Response to “Christ Our Light”

  1. Chris Berke Says:

    Early Paschal candles were large enough to actually burn continuously for the 50 days of Easter. This is evident in many of the more ancient Basilicas in Rome where we see permanent mammoth Paschal Candle stands carved in marble and decorated with mosaic tiles in the presbytery of these churches. Also, in the old Liturgy, the Paschal Candle would be ceremoniously extinguished or carried out after the Gospel on Ascension Thursday – this has been, sadly, abrogated in the new Liturgy.

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