There Is No Greater Love

“St. Francis Xavier planted Christianity in Japan where he arrived in 1549. It is said that by 1587 there were in Japan over two hundred thousand Christians. In 1596 the Emperor Tagcosama was roused to fury by the boast of the captain of a Spanish ship that the object of the missionaries was to facilitate the conquest of Japan by the Portuguese or Spaniards, and three Jesuits and six Franciscans were crucified on a hill near Nagasaki in 1597. Twenty-four of the martyrs, after part of their left ears had been cut off, were led through various towns, their cheeks stained with blood. After being fastened to crosses by cords and chains about their arms and legs and with an iron collar round their necks, they were raised into the air. The crosses were planted in a row, and each martyr had an executioner near him with a spear ready to pierce his side.” –Butler’s Lives of the Saints

Oura Church, Nagasaki

St Philip of JesusSt Ignatius Church, Tokyo


One Response to “There Is No Greater Love”

  1. Phillip Tran Says:

    gotta love them martyrs. i wonder why it was only part of their left ears that were cut off though.

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